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The Wayfaring Songbird

Today is a new day…

Recently I had a health diagnosis that I wasn’t expecting. It was revealing, and a much needed explanation for what I’ve been experiencing, but it opened up a well that was long buried. Realizing what I was dealing with, swung into play a deep mourning over lost opportunities to make a difference in my life and the lives of others.  I don’t consider myself an angry person, but I found anger buried when I dug deep enough.  Anger at myself for my perceived shortcomings, and anger towards my birth parent for his abuse and abandonment.  I don’t want to live in that space, but I needed to take a moment to visit.  I had to have a cup of tea with grief, to sort out the bits of what has shaped me.  In the battle we all fight of being enough, doing enough, having enough etc, I realized that we are ALWAYS enough. I know that’s cliche, but we really are enough just by being who we were created to be. I know deep in my roots, that we must focus on the simplistic and let the rest go.  Just because I can’t directly see the effects I have on others, doesn’t mean that change isn’t germinating in the very souls of those around me, because of my actions, words or thoughts.  The depths of which we affect others is boundless.  We are all rich.  Rich with the kindess of a stranger, rich as we are caught watching Spring creep back in after a long winter.  Rich with the hands that life has dealt us, or rich with the simple act of receiving a smile or passing one on.  We all have something to give, and we all must practice the art of receiving.  Let it flow.  Forgive.  I am free.


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