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Gratitude without Ceasing



Today is a day that I must count my blessings.  Every day is a day for this. Today I give thanks for -

light of life
resource to share
farm fresh duck eggs
new connections
songwriting community
days like this…

I hold a belief that none of us living and breathing have room to complain.  To grumble about what life has handed us, is truly atrocious.  It means we give away our power.  One of my NY resolutions was to erase any complaining in my life.  When we complain we are saying, ‘I’m ungrateful for my life path. I do not accept or support myself as I am in the circumstances that I’m given.’ Gratitude is healthy!  Emotionally, physically, mentally…you name it!  Practicing gratitude is a gift you give yourself.

We ALL can find things to be grateful for.  Every single day!  Simply the fact that we are living and breathing means that we still have purposeful work left to do on this earth. We may not know it, but this is the truth as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.

We all have purpose, whether or not we can see the direct results.  I encourage you to find 3 things every day that you are truly gratified from.  Whether it’s something you normally don’t think about being grateful for, like your eyesight or the song of a child, or an occurrence that’s a bit more obviously fruitful, like a raise at work or relief from a health problem, we ALL can find things to be grateful for.  The more gratitude we practice, the more our cup shall overflow.  Try it for a month, see if a little more light isn’t shining in your world by the end.
Here are a few tips to stop complaining and start practicing gratitude -
  • Be a servant.  DO for others, without thinking about what you’ll receive in return.
  • Pick three things every day that you can be grateful for.
  • Record a new tape.  When you hear yourself complaining, contemplate what positive aspect you can replace the complaint with.
  • Don’t compare.  You are uniquely and beautifully you!! Embrace yourself and authenticity.
  • Volunteer.  I can’t stress enough how much worth and balance this will give you.
  • Be still.  Learning to bask in silence and solitude is a pretty darn powerful tool to master.

You’re perfect just the way you are!

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