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Waaa–laaa!!  Finally!  I’ve sloshed about in the sea that is WordPress and have finagled an acceptable platform for sharing my travels and thoughts and e-confabulation with y’all!  Hooray!  Ima give myself a pat on the back and eat chocolate shamelessly for a few hours…or until it’s gone.

I woke up this morning doubting that today would be the pre-unvailing of my blogess-ness. I didn’t think I’d get this thing going today, since the day started out a bit on the rough side…Post late-night drive home from chillin’ with the MilkDrive boys (check check check em out!  Jazzgrass at it’s finest), in which I ran over some large boards looming out of the darkness in the middle of the dang road, I was a wee bit delusional when I woke up to my dogs cavorting on my face.  After the pooch hoe-down ceased, I was able to drag my road weary body to the door to let the doggles out, only to find a serious flat tire, with half the board still clinging to my rig, awaiting me outside.  Being that this ain’t a Montana girl’s first flat tire rodeo, I brushed it off.  No prob! Change it later.  I tried to work a bit on my horse training site, but then I decided to spill a whole latte on Foster Dog and nearly lit myself on fire from a stray robe sleeve in the open flame, I decided going back to bed was the safest option for me.  It’s amazing how great working from the bed can be! I can only spill latte on myself, my feet stay warm and there is nothing to light my robe on fire.  :)

Subsequently, I feel much better. I had some serious guitar playing therapy, and am now typing this whilst listening to my new guilty pleasure (Who knew John Mayer was such a bitchin’ lyricist?!?)  Watch out ether-world!  I am officially a blog-ess.




#WishIWasHere  ^^^^^^^^^

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