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Mushroom Delight

Mushroom Glory

Oooohhhh the deliciousness!  We wild-crafted these on a hike today.  Simple and tasty!

I rinsed them quickly, then steamed them in a cast iron skillet with a wee bit of vegan butter, garlic and love! ❦

Chanterelles are easily identifiable and grow wild in many places.  They are simple to cook and absorb the flavor of almost anything you desire to cook them with.  Even though mushrooms don’t keep well for long term travel, once you learn to identify a few different kinds, they can be a welcome addition to any on-the-go meal.  I eat a ton of them on the road, both purchased and wild-crafted.  Be certain you can identify the mushrooms you pick before you eat anything out of the earth…or feed them to your friends!

Mushroom Glory

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